In recent times brands have driven a number of business houses to a series of success stories. To some Brand is just a logo and for others it’s a matter of Status. In the corporate world it is more than just a logo or status. It is a belief created by the brand owner in the minds of the Clients, Employees and Business Partners. The image of the brand portrays its character and values as it is the core element in the structure of various aspects relevant to the company. The Organizations fundamental values are reflected through its brand image. Therefore, brand and the image associated with it are essential for the success of any firm

Bukamal is a family business, where we succeeded in converting it into a diversified holding company accompanied with a strong business brand entrenched in a pioneering spirit and a treasure of exceedingly pertinent experience. Our strength lies in our values, policies, ethics and standards to which there is no compromise.

Since 40 years, we have moved ahead with our professional belief in values, ethics and quality which has evolved into a set of corporate standards and practices which we use as our benchmark for excellence. This attitude of providing the highest level of quality in all our endeavors has paid-off in every step of our journey. Today, we pride ourselves on being a trustworthy brand, which speaks for itself.

Aided by our professional standards, proficient team & precisely tested policies we shall continue to move forward with the innovative developments that are rapidly taking place at home and around the region. Bukamal is proud of its past, aware of its present, and we believe in our future, without compromise at any time, in any aspect.